We offer flexible pricing schemes to meet every requirement, from an enterprise and company professionals to freelancers or researchers. For companies requiring multiple types of licenses, and in order to customise a package fitting to your needs, please contact us.


299€ / year

Do it myself!

License Terms:
1 x License per User (365 days)
Up to 5.000 lines of data FREE annually

>5.000 lines, there will be a rate of
0.020 EUR per line

Pay as you go

0,035€ / row

Buy the processing amount that you need


299€ / year

Annual Subscription


999€ / assignment

Per Assignment

Discount Programme

5 – 9 Licenses 5% Discount Programme
10 – 14 Licenses 10% Discount Programme
15 – 19 Licenses 15% Discount Programme
20+ Licenses 30% Discount Programme
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